Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What is a WIKI

Posted by David Kuczek on

I absolutely agree with you that we need more action.

The problem is that the infrastructure for talking (bboard) is great, so people enjoy talking on openacs.

The infrastructure for improving the site is not closely as efficient as the infrastructure for talking, as we have recently seen from some people's postings.

I would like to give another example for improvements that never found their way to

1. We had a discussion on SDM. Pascal created an improved SDM, but it never got implemented.

Like Malte I am tumbling towards my final exams at University here in Germany. So I unluckily cannot contribute to a better face and function at the moment. But as soon as they are over and I get back from a deserved vacation, I will stop talking and take over some responsibility for the appearance and functionality of this site, in case the openacs godfathers let me 😉 (Mid of August...)

I just created a new thread for issues and priorities of improvements: