Forum OpenACS Development: how to translate object_id to an URL?

Hi All,

I am wondering how to translate an object_id to an URL. For example, in acs 3.2, if you went to the url for member info, you could see all content contributed by the user as url's. In ACS 4 the same thing lists just the object_id's.

The code in /packages/acs-subsite/www/shares/community-member.tcl has a comment saying

# XXX Make sure to make the following into links and this looks okay

So, does someone have some ideas about how this can be achieved...

Thanks very much for your help.

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
Once cms is finished, you would be able to provide links to content items using content_item__get_path.  This returns a relative path from the cms pageroot, which by default is at /cms.

It doesn't make sense the way it is implemented now as the query returns any object that you created, such as site-nodes.  This needs to be entered in the sdm as this feature is incomplete.

Roberto and I are still working on cms.

Posted by Barry Books on
There is a pl/sql name method that takes an object id and returns the name of the object. I'd like to see a url stub method also. This combined with some kind of naming standard would make the object system much more useful. Most of my packages have admin, new, update, view and index urls that take an object_id as the parameter. Being able to say [url_stub $object_id]/view?object_id=$object_id for any object would be very powerful.