Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Full Text Search

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
> There's no reason why static content couldn't be mapped via the
> content repository, too, now that it knows about stuff stored in
> the filesystem ...

Sounds good to me :-)

OK. I have a fairly sizeable project for a non-profit to bid on, for which (from initial reading of the RFP) OpenACS 4.x using CMS and acs-workflow will be a good basis for - if I can get good searching to work too.

Question #1: Any idea when search will become usable (beta level OK) using OpenFTS? Would adding some (TCL? Perl? other?) developer hours help speed that up, or is the issue mostly licencing-related at this stage?

Question #2: How easy/hard/trivial/works already (!) is it for searches to only return results that a user actually has permission to view? And how horribly does doing that extra check on each result hurt in terms of perceived search performance?

Question #3: Are we really going to have a Beta1 of OpenACS 4.x on 01 September 2001? And do we expect it will have OpenFTS searching included in it? What can I usefully do to make that more likely?

I don't want to have to recommend ACS 4.2 and Intermedia, if I can realistically get a working system using OpenACS 4.x and OpenFTS!