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Posted by Yon Derek on
I've released nsxml module for OpenNSD/AOLServer v1.2. All the gory details are here: http://acs-

I understand that OpenACS 4.0 uses ns_xml to parse XML files. Since this version has few major bugfixes (including one that can change the behaviour), I enourage everyone using it to upgrade and re-check their scripts.

Release notes

Version 1.2 has been release on 07/04/2001 and contains some major bug fixes, so everyone is encouraged to upgrade. Changes since previous release:

  • XSLT support has been added in the form of ns_xml apply_xslt $xslt_doc_id $xml_doc_id and ns_xml parse_xslt ?-persist? command. You need to install libxslt for it to work.
  • looks like ns_xml has not been updated to libxml2 which would result in the ns_xml doc root not returning a root but a node below the root. Most visibly, if there was a <!DOCTYPE ..> inside XML doc, you would only get a couple of nodes and not the whole doc. Fixed. May change behaviour of scripts using it.
  • ns_xml parse -persistent was broken (would crash) because a hash table for persistent docs has not been initialized. Fixed by initializing hash table.
  • ns_xml stats was broken, free() was used to free the memory allocated by ckalloc(). Fixed by calling ckfree().
  • many commands didn't check for the number of arguments so they would crash if called incorrectly. Fixed by adding checks for a proper number of arguments.
  • fixed Windows compilation issues.
  • regression tests were written for the OpenNSD test framework. Tests cover all the issues above and then some.
2: Response to ANN: nsxml 1.2 (response to 1)
Posted by Grzegorz Mucha on
Well, the latest version of nsxml behaves slightly incorrect for me. The same XML/XSLT files that I parsed last week (and I haven't changed them) now spit out errors like 'Invalid XSLT doc id: T0', at the apply_xslt $xslt_doc_id $xml_doc_id call.

Any suggestions?

3: Response to ANN: nsxml 1.2 (response to 1)
Posted by Yon Derek on
Looks like a bug, I'll look into it. Can you post your tcl script, XML and XSLT file somewhere on the web (or send them directly to me)?
4: Response to ANN: nsxml 1.2 (response to 1)
Posted by Yon Derek on
I fixed the bug and released nsxml 1.3, same url as above.
5: Response to ANN: nsxml 1.2 (response to 1)
Posted by Andrei Popov on

Sorry for this sort of nagging, you mentioned elsewhere that you also plan to release a Win32 binary of AOLServer 4 beta...

6: Response to ANN: nsxml 1.2 (response to 1)
Posted by Yon Derek on
I'm working on it.