Forum OpenACS Q&A: Software Availability and Product vs Packaging Issues

Tom Mizukami wrote:

> I think Johnathan's RH RPM's should be available from the software page.

Overall, the whole approach to the SDM dealing with a 'package' may, in the long haul, need some rethinking in terms of each 'package' (ie product) being available in a variety of forms (tarball, RPM, .deb, self-extracting .exe for Win32, and so forth).

The RPMs I made (and hope to continue to make) for OpenACS just highlighted that issue. I'd rather we looked at the underlying issue of software products being made available in multiple forms, than just a quick fix so a few more people can find my RPMs.

But, Talli is right, let's not go overboard on enhancing OpenACS when what is being talked about is really setting up existing OpenACS4 code to work well for the OpenACS community. There's a big difference.

So, in the interest of concreteness and ease of implementation, yes, a link to each form of OpenACS (tarball, RPM, .deb) from the /software page would be a useful quick hack :-)

As a side note, I've been utterly unsuccessful in using SDM for my RPMs because of the restrictions it places on version numbers, which do not fit the version numbers of my RPMs. I think I mentioned this back in May but had no responses. If allowing a version string rather than a version number can be implemented easily, it would be of practical use to me.