Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS 4 Search Integration, what should it look like?

Well, Don, that's not entirely fair to Jerry. He has done a great deal in researching htdig and Swish implementations with OpenACS, with status reports on a prior bboard (that I don't have the URL for) and at his site. Also, he's implemented, or is in the process of implementing, XML-RPC and even got some pub for it on So he has made significant contributions to the search project, but he may not have publicized it enough. That's a judgement call.

Jerry, I'm not sure what you mean by AOLserver being the bottleneck. Is it because there aren't enough ways to plug other languages in? Petru Paler is working on a FastCGI implementation so that OpenACS can work more seamlessly with Apache. And there is the PyWX project that I haven't heard much from lately. But even if these lead to nothing, I still don't think we lose as much as we gain by using AOLserver, other than the aforementioned buzzword compliance.