Forum OpenACS Q&A: sysadmin or motorcycle mechanic?

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My arithmetic sucks (my math degree sure comes in handy). I was a few magnitudes off earlier. It isn't possible to make the $30/m price point work unless you have way more users than OpenACS currently has. I think you need at least 1000 users before it becomes remotely worth it.

Here is the math with "only" 300 users:

300 users X $30/m + $30 setup fee each = $117000 /yr

15 users on each machine = 20 machines

20 machines x $2000 per machine = $40,000

space for 20 machines at a decent colo = 1 full cabinet

1 full cabinet + 384K, per month = $1000 ($12,000/yr).

(I'm leaving out a bunch of stuff here (backup system, etc) but this should give you a good idea.)

Thus, with 300 users at $30/m you are making about $65,000 a year....which isn't that bad (but isn't really that good...especially since a good sysadmin can typically make at least $100/hr). For comparison, here is an email exchange I had a while back with an employee of Cal BMW&Triumph motorcycles in Mountain View, California:

>>Rolf Hanson wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I was wondering, what is a ballpark hourly rate for a BMW tech
>> who has zero experience, but has gone through a BMW 
>> training       
> >course, like the one at ? 
>> What would
>> a tech with 5 years of experience make?

>Dear Rolf,
>I will be as helpful as I can. The rates vary widely depending on 
>what part of the country you are working, ours are among the 
>highest, but so are our living expenses. I will express wages in 
>annual income, since the hourly rate is modified by the 
>efficiency and proficiency of the tech, by bonuses, comeback 
>charges, etc.
>Beginning techs, with above average basic skills, may make 
>around $28-36K a year. Average techs, with average motivation 
>but good skills and high reliability (otherwise they can't work 
>here) make 50K-65K a year. The best of the lot, with high 
>motivation, creativity, continual re-education, etc. make $85 - 
>$100K a year including bonuses. I know the range is wide, but 
>at least you have an idea of what is possible.
>Also, in our shop there is health insurance, dental insurance, 
>paid training, retirement and paid vacation. Not all shops use 
>the same benefits, so be sure to factor that in as well when you 
>are comparing wages in different parts of the country.