Forum OpenACS Development: Response to OpenACS 4 Search Integration, what should it look like?

If you were to state that you'd like to be part of the OpenACS 4.x team, and that you'd like to help with search indexing solutions, hey, you might just get a positive response

I've discussed search strategies and technologies in these forums, have developed working demonstrations, and am working towards getting that code back to the community. I've asked the community if what I've done seems interesting. I've made several proposals regarding APIs and discussed the basis of their requirements and I've asked others to please comment. I've done more than offer to pitch in, I've been busy digging, and all in the open. I've emailed various developers and gotten lots of encouragement in return.

Folks can see my progress towards search, they can use my code to search this very system, and soon they can download it (I need to resolve a few AOLserver patch issues and get some time). Wish I could do the same with OpenFTS, eh?

I know several other folks here got the idea I was interested in working with the search issues. But I didn't email you directly and ask permission to work on some portion of the system? Jeez, is there some other way you could have told me that was a requirement than with this flaming?

Search isn't on the critical path? That's definitely not the impression I've gotten from listening to others in these forums. That's definitely not my impression from implementing the system nor from listening to my customers.

What you denigrate as cowboying, might be what others consider scratching an itch. I saw a problem, it was not at all clear that others were working on this problem, or that their efforts were going to converge in a timely fashion, I had some resources but not a whole lot, I saw how one solution towards it could satisfy a client's needs, and I've posted my comments and progress about it. That's what many of us call win-win. Makes the client happy, makes the family happy, and adds progress to an opensource project.

Isn't that the way opensource projects work? Keep your family happy first? Post patches when you can. Add modules when you can? Scratch the itch?

A few weeks ago the local community got together and built a new playground for the kids. Over the period of two months, about three hundred of us would show up when we could and we would literally start shoveling, cutting, hammering, sanding, or painting. Where we could, when we could, how we could. Yes, there was some professionals around at times to handle the backhoe, but the process wasn't "come by and I'll give you work", it was "grab a shovel or a hammer or a saw and attack what's interesting to you, or see where other people need help and join in."

What has my crime been? When I started my work in early June, I didn't know that the OpenFTS initiative existed and I didn't ask them to join. I suspect you disagree, but the OpenFTS project and OpenACS strategy is just not that well known. In ten weeks, it is explained in one thread, referenced once in two others, and mentioned with vague promises in the status report. I've posted about my own efforts many many times since then. I even wrote to Dan without knowing he was a participant in the OpenFTS project. Well, at no time did anyone from the OpenFTS project and certainly not you write me to let me know of their existence, much less invite me to pitch in with that effort.

And basically all your bluster aside, you're still just ranting at me, and your stupid claims that I want to be any other than be a team player just besmirches my reputation here. And all that just makes it very difficult for me to want to join any efforts involving you. No olive branch, not even a grunt, just more dick waving. I've been a cowboy? I haven't contributed? Screw you, you've been a shitty host and a shitty leader.