Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Priorities, Roles, and the future of OpenACS

Posted by Don Baccus on
<blockquote><i>Wouldn't a steering committee simply be an organization of the current leadership into something more official? </i></blockquote>
No, that's not been my impression at all.  For starters, the current leadership isn't asking for formalization of this sort, we are more than happy with the current informal situation.  If your statement were true, if nothing else you'd expect the current leadership to know this, wouldn't you?
If you're right, it would be nice if those making the proposal would say so.  I would then feel even more strongly that a steering committee's not necessary, though.  I want to see things remain lean and mean for now.
If or when the project reaches the point where it makes sense to form a foundation or don some other legal costume, we'll have to adopt a certain level of formal structure, of course.