Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Priorities, Roles, and the future of OpenACS

Posted by carl garland on

First off let me restate that in my orig post above I think the priority should be for the core porters/coders to focus on getting the next release out the door and anything that the community can do to help them should be. I don't wont the coders to really focus on anything besides coding right now including getting bogged down in other issues. Now let me try to restate what I was trying to put across but like usual am having trouble expressing myself

First off, in no way would I want Don or Ben to step down, I think they have done a fantastic job getting us to where we are today and I believe I publicly posted a thankyou to them almost 2 years ago you the help I had already gleaned from them. I posted a dedication for this post to Jerry because a) I hadn't earlier b) I felt you were not treating him fairly and I am glad that you seem to acknowledge your lossing your temper and giving him props

Jerry's made significant contributions to AOLserver and I know he wants to see OpenACS be a great success.

While he may not be actively porting modules right now I do think he is trying to help in other ways. I also think its a good that there is control so not everyones ideas or work automatically becomes part of the core but it is effort and the community (I think) should always acknowledge / appreciate work made to better it even if it is not incorporated.

My definition of a steering committee was more like Postgres's version where there are contributors that heading up different portions of tasks to take burden off of coders for example today it might have Roberto in charge of Documentation, Tali Web Site, and Ben and Don Coding, Dan Oracle Specialist.

It already is kinda like that today I just think that as the coding aspect closes on this release there are alot of tasks that dont make sense wasting the coders time on. I think there needs to be a mechanism in place the eases the curve of all the lurkers and newbies being able to help out. Most wont be able to code but probably can fill other needs and these needs do need to be done. I am not too worried that decision are being made without community input. I just want an easier way for the next generation to help out, Im not too concerned about professionalism although others Im sure will disagree