Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Priorities, Roles, and the future of OpenACS

Posted by Don Baccus on
Last post for now.  Let's settle this issue quickly, folks.  I've gotten absolutely zero work done on OpenACS 4.x the past two days, nor  have I gotten any work done on my current client project, which is almost worse since my consulting gigs finance my participation here.
<p>I know that Ben and others found the earlier rounds of discussion which took place when I was on vacation to be time consuming, disturbing, and distracting, too.
<p>So, let's not drag this out.  Let's not posture.  Let's not play coy.  Let's lay 'em on the table and get this over with.  If I'm out of a job give me my last cigarette, blindfold me, and pull the friggin' trigger.
<p>Jerry, if you lose in your effort to gain some control over the project, are you willing to work with us?  I think folks deserve to know.