Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Priorities, Roles, and the future of OpenACS

Posted by David Kuczek on
As I have already mentioned in some other thread, I have once been a member of a non-profit student organization that organizes a huge business convention down here in Cologne, Germany...

The ongoing talk about a new and better organization sounds really familiar to me and I feel very comfortable that these kind of fights are similarly fought out all over the world and across generations 😊

The funny thing is that while being a member of the student-organization I was fighting for MORE TRANSPARENCY all the time. Then some friends and I wanted to be VERY SUCCESSFUL with an internet-start-up, which didn't really work out. But one of the reasons it didn't, as I heard from neutral sources, was ironically my inability to be transparent!!!

I still like the idea of transparency and maybe we should spend some hours to get a real project plan up an running, which is listing all the people that are currently working on different topics that help the community to procede.

President Petru would be listed with his fast-cgi project
Talli would be listed with his face-lift project
Jerry (if he will still be with us after this pretty tough face-punches) with his search-project

Additionally every member that is listed with a project would have the opportunity to edit his project information by himself and post additional reading material concerning his research and progress.

and so on and so on....

Maybe this could be a valuable module for openacs 4.x ??!!

In the end:

"When you point a finger at someone else, remember that three fingers point back at you."