Forum OpenACS Development: How to change ad_system_name from "Main Site"

I've got a fresh OpenACS4 install that returns a site title of "Main
Site" when the master.tcl file calls ad_system_name, but I can't
figure out where to change it.  My server.tcl file has system and
system name set otherwise, and I can't find a parameter in the site
map that controls the title.  Can anyone point me to the right spot?
Posted by Stephen . on
See the instance_name column of the apm_packages table. There is no pretty interface for this.

In OpenACS4, go to the "Site Map". Under "Configurable Services" you will find "ACS Kernel". Click on "set parameters". Along the top you will see a series of tabs. Click on "system-information". You can now update any of the system information you set during the installation, including SystemName which corresponds to ad_system_name.