Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Priorities, Roles, and the future of OpenACS

Posted by David Kuczek on
In order to be fair towards Jerry, because there were couple points that I had to aggree with him, I have to define my "I didn't know that"...

It only meant: I didn't know that his package wasn't part of the "official" openacs

and not

I didn't know that this Stalin wants to take over the rumbling organization (I cannot judge on this!!!)

See, practice what you preach and keep it even shorter (should have left out the "I didn't know that")...


My major concern at the moment is stop talking start working, because I am overall very satisfied with the progress of the openacs toolkit.

Sometimes people feel offended when others try to to improve the few things that are left to be improved and leave out the "GREAT JOB" for what has already been done. So we should start taking such suggestions as SUGGESTIONS and not as major criticism on the project.

Great Job Ben, Don, Dan, Roberto and all the rest that helped on every end - maybe this is exactly what some people want. Having their name mentioned, when others talk of efforts taken for openacs.

Once again a overall project plan might help where you can see who did what from the humble beginnings up to today.


But again let's stop talking, start walking and maybe Jerry can code a project module like the one I have been talking about for openacs 4.x, which might shed some light on the hallways of power at openacs 😊

I hope that I didn't offend anyone with this!!!