Forum OpenACS Development: Package Installer fails with General-comments

On two new OpenACS4 sites, I checked general-comments out of cvs and went to the APM to install them. On one site it worked but on the other if failed to get to the first screen where it shows what new packages are available for installation.

Here's bit of the error

Selection did not return a value, and no default was provided
    while executing
"db_string apm_higher_version_installed_p {}"
    (procedure "apm_higher_version_installed_p" line 5)
    invoked from within
"apm_higher_version_installed_p $package_key $version_name"
    ("foreach" body line 7)
    invoked from within
"foreach spec_file $all_spec_files {
	array set version [apm_read_package_info_file $spec_file]
	set version_name $version(name)
	set package_name $ver..."
    invoked from within

It's possible that I did something differently in checking out the packages, but I can't think of what. Any suggestions?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Are these both PG sites, both Oracle sites, one of each???

Installation requires the execution of some RDBMS-specific queries, so  it really helps to know which is being used as a bug in one won't necessarily be mirrored by a bug in the other.

If they are both running the same RDBMS, then something else is different.  Have you closely checked your server log for problems in installation?  I won't guarantee that all problems will result in a message to your browser.  They *should* of course, and if you find such a problem let us know so we can look into doing a better job of reporting it.

Posted by Pat Colgan on
Thanks Don.  They're both PG sites.  I'll go over the server log for installation problems, but I have added other packages without a problem on the site (eg bboards)
Posted by Don Baccus on
You can also pull the queries that differ from the log file if you have "verbose" turned on for your database pools.

In other words, the failure above is because a select returned no rows, while it did return a row in the installation that's working.

If you could dig out that failing query, try it in PSQL, and poke around and tell us more about the table contents we'd have a better chance of figuring out just what's wrong.