Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS situation -- IMPORTANT

Posted by Bob OConnor on

I really LOVE OpenACS! Our production system has been live almost a year (Aug 1, 2000) and we have had *almost* NO downtime
NO downtime due to Linux, Postgresql, AOLServer or OpenACS on an old 200Mhz system that has almost 10,000 users! More on this later in a separate thread. The Point is...

OpenACS Rocks !!!
and I want to SHOUT about it!
I want OpenACS to improve, evolve and continue. Discussion is good. I like to see all sides of an issue. It is mainly through conversation that we can evolve. The solutions are "out there" and it doesn't have to be personal.... I want to see the community of OpenACS developers grow and prosper. (Maybe even "live long" 😉

Maybe something is lost in the email and it would help to have a Telephone Conference Call. This would help us get to know one another and move toward friendship and thence partnership in the great OpenACS endevor.

I value Ben's contributions as well as others listed and not listed including Jerry. The bottom line question is what is in the best interest of OpenACS?