Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS situation -- IMPORTANT

Posted by Ben Adida on
Alright, let's try to clear up a few things:

- the situation is being addressed. I'm in touch with Jerry personally
and I am going to do everything I can to quickly find an agreeable
path for the future. I'm still reading your feedback by email, feel
free to keep sending it. Simon, I didn't see a personal email from
you, I would love to hear more details about what you think.

- There is no "smear campaign," there is no conspiracy. My goodness,
Don and I
have better things to do with our time than organize some kind of
stealth operation to take down Jerry. Jerry is a concerned member of
the community, and although we have our many disagreements, we will
move forward and past this, together.

- When you post to the discussion forum, ask yourself two things: 1)
do I really need to have the last word in this discussion? 2) how
relevant is this to the community at large? If it's more appropriate
to continue the discussion in private, please do so.

Finally, in order to bring a close to this kind of discussion, I will
be putting up a plan of action on Monday, the 23rd at the very latest.
If you want your opinion to count in this plan of action, you should
email me. If you don't email me, then I cannot help you. And David,
thank you for that posting about the wise owl. We could all learn from
that one. Brought a smile to my face :)