Forum OpenACS Development: Response to change in a package takes time to take effect?

All Oracle PL/SQL code - packages, functions, procedures, triggers,
whatever - takes effect immediatly when you do issue the "create or
replace" statement in sqlplus.  There is no two-pase commit like there
is for normal DML statments.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "Does the engine cache compiled
packages?" (what engine?), but I'm pretty sure the answer is "no".

When you load in some PL/SQL code, Oracle compiles it immediately and
saves both the original code and a compiled version.  You can also
recompile code in place, for example if the compile failed due to a
dependency problem, or if the code ever becomes invalid due to a
dependency problem.

So you had some other problem.  When you replace pl/sql code in
Oracle, there is no delay - and as far as I know there CANNOT be any
delay.  It takes effect immediately.