Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Ecommerce shipping options??

Posted by S. Y. on
It's been my experience that many old-world, Fortune 500-type companies have lousy web sites. If patience is one of your personal assets, the best way to get a packet of information is to write a letter (you know, with a pen and a piece of paper) saying "I am interested in your products and services. Please send information about _____ to ..."

The other alternative is to pick up the telephone and wade through a voice mail system until you get a live human being and utter the magic incantation: "Please connect me to Sales."

UPS doesn't really understand the Internet. FedEx had online airbill tracking like a year before UPS did (and you know what they say about Internet time).

Scott, I suggest you use snail mail or the phone. Generally speaking, product information that arrives via snail mail is far better than anything from a corporate web site. I dabble with photography and I got a boatload of product brochures and guides from both Kodak and Fujifilm. Just my $0.02.