Forum OpenACS Development: Response to A couple of schedule questions...

Posted by Don Baccus on
I meant to update the schedule this weekend but forgot.  I did update the status sheet and pinged a fair number of people for information.

The biggest piece left for the ACS Core is portions of ACS Subsite.  Steve Woodcock's going to try to finish it by August 1 after he returns from holiday, but it will be tight.

We have a proposed alpha release data for site-wide-search of August 10th, though maybe August 15th is more realistic - this is a big job as we're trying to work through details of abstracting out a search API so packages can work with Intermedia (oracle) or "the Russian Solution" (postgres).  Neophytos is doing the bulk of the work on the module, Dan on the support pieces.

My impression is that most if not all of the assigned packages will be done by August 15th, but not by August 1st.

I'll work on getting more solid information this week.