Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Ecommerce shipping options??

Posted by S. Y. on
It's really amazing how crappy corporate sites are. Some people simply don't get it. Kodak actually has/had a fair amount of technical datasheets, publications, charts, etc. buried in its web site and their search engine more or less worked. Fujifilm, on the other hand, is an atrocious marketing glitz-only site that looks no different than their ads in Popular Photography; Fujifilm has tons of technical documents, but you have to write or call their professional technical support hotline for the info. Abysmal.

Now, as a marketing guy, I'm all for using the web as another delivery vehicle in your overall marketing strategy, but the web is capable and suited for doing far more. Sadly, some corporate marketing managers have a serious case of myopia when it comes to their web sites; they're happiest when their web site looks like something they are seen for three decades: car commercials on TV or your average magazine ad.

Sorry about that, end of ranting (for today). Blah.