Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to How do I submit a fix (for ad_categorization_widget)?

   What sort of notification does the SDM currently do anyways?

It sends email to those who register as interested in an SDM 'package' when a new patch is submitted to it. It probably does more than that, but that's the one I notice myself.

My suggestion of starting a bboard thread is borne more of the current OpenACS.Org community tendency to be very bboard-centric, and to have large numbers of bug reports in the SDM (making it hard to wade through at times), than of any great theoretical or philosophical reason to do this. In the ideal world, perhaps, those interested in SDM packages would all register that interest with the SDM, and so be notified by it, use its comment facilities, etc. But this particular online community isn't currently operating that way in practice, so using the bboard helps :-)

So I'm not sure that creating new functionality to generate bboard posts about patch submittals is the right way ahead; it would just reinforce current (possibly suboptimal) community behaviour.

Walter: Are you willing to take the info here and create an SDM FAQ for us?