Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN Meeting Minutes 28/Oct/08

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Posted by Alvaro Rodriguez on
Don, Dave, Emma, mr_calvin, Carl, Miguel A, Avni

Accessibility: changes to the policy
- 2. Statement of audience
- 3. Removed marketing speak -- doesn't belong in a policy statement especially when the numbers seems slightly misleading (13,000 developers?!)
- 4. Removed early Selva contributors names (started to try to add the ones Olga brought up and it just didn't make sense)
- Should be posted in Html format in the appropriate /doc directory in the OpenACS CVS

IMSLD Development
- imsld development (part of dotlrn-extras):
- if imsld becomes dependent on xowiki, it would have to be taken out of doltrn-extras since xowiki is not in there
- imsld uses file-storage because it uses lors to import resources which is not ideal
- daveb was able to make lors use the CR without file storage in lors-central, just change the folder it puts stuff in
- lors should have a sane datamodel based on how it has to work rather than mirroring the insanity of imscp data model

Forums admin portlet
- mcordova has a fix is about using a i18n key instead of plain text but it will wait until the merge to head this weekend