Forum OpenACS Q&A: Question re: installing mod_nsd

Posted by Dave Linsalata on

  I am trying to compile mod_nsd (newest version) on a Debian
machine.  I have all the necessary programs installed.  However, when
I run make (after doing the full configure), make can't find a bunch
of files in the apache directory (including such files like
httpd.h).  I then edited the Makefile to include the proper apache
root, but it still gives me those errors.


should I edit the and run configure again maybe?

(oh, and it is Apache 1.3.20)

Posted by Dave Linsalata on
well, I figured out how to get around it - just add the apache include directory in with the others in the Makefile.  But now, when I compile, I get this error:

make: execvp: /usr/local/apache/bin: Permission denied
make: *** [] Error 127

Does that make sense to anyone?  Apache isn't running, and root has rwx access on all the apache stuff...