Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Improved RPM-based OpenACS 3.2.5 install for Red Hat 7.1

Roberto: OK, I'll look at the XSLT stuff some more, if it is likely to be useful.

The lack of some of my RPMs on is in part because of my inability to use the SDM sensibly for RPMs, because it wants version numbers of a very fixed format, and in part because I can't use lynx to get at (there was a patch posted regarding quoting of cookies... maybe it needs to go into 3.2.6?), and in part because it's just easier for me to scp files from here to my own web server space, and sometimes I get lazy!

At one stage we talked about using SDM on for the aolserver-* RPMs I think...? But that would have the same version numbering restrictions as SDM on anyway.

Someone will suggest I hack on the SDM to do what I want... for now I'd prefer to avoid that.
I'm uploading my first-cut aolserver-3.3+ad13 RPMs (with nsxml 1.4 packaged as a separate aolserver-nsxml RPM) as I type... but I'm uploading them to  Once we sort out the XSLT stuff, and I test them a little, I'll edit whichfilesdoineed.html to point at them.

Hmmm... is there a way to have new-file-storage mirror a subdirectory of a web site and import the result into a new-file-storage folder?