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13: RPM locations and the SDM (response to 1)
Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Roberto and Don: For now we can tell people to go to and that's just one place. This is what has been the case for some few months now.

However, I'lll try the "invent a sortof close version number" and see what happens. It should allow me to upload an openacs RPM into SDM, I think.

Next SDM-related issue... I have (i) two sets of PG RPMs to point at; (ii) my own aolserver RPM and SRPM ; (iii) my own aolserver-postgresql RPM and SRPM; (iv) my new aolserver-nsxml RPM (no separate SRPM for this, it is built when you build aolserver); (v) my own recompiled libxml2 RPMs for 6.2 and 7.1, and a pointer to the official SRPM; (vi) probably soon recompiled libxslt RPMs for 6.2 and 7.1, and a pointer to the official SRPM.

Question: Do I need one SDM 'package' for each SRPM, each RPM, or what? It's not clear to me how to achieve Roberto's goal of "everything you need for an OpenACS install in one place" using SDM. Do I just need some static webspace under where I can put groups of files??

I'm perfectly willing to put everything onto so it is all "in one place" and can use the SDM bug and release tracking facilities... but I don't have a clear idea of the appropriate mapping between SDM concepts and a set of RPMs and SRPMs, some of which are mine, some of which are recompiled from other folk's unchanged SRPMs, and some of which are completely maintained by others. Oh, and some are specific to a particular version of Red Hat, and some are not.

Honest question: How would you like me to proceed?