Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Bitkeeper experiences?

Posted by Ben Adida on
"tightly integrated" isn't what I would call it. Subversion uses
WebDAV. Thus, I suspect that if we get WebDAV support for AOLserver,
we could write an AOLserver module to make Subversion work fairly quickly.

However, I don't think that should be a priority. This sounds a lot
like the Apache guys trying to write mod_aolserver because they really
absolutely cannot bear to run AOLserver. We shouldn't behave the same
way towards Apache: if it's there and is useful as is, why not use it?

If you're running a CVS server, you have to worry about CVS specific
issues anyways. If you have to run Apache to run Subversion, that
doesn't seem like that big a deal... thoughts? The most important
thing here is that we all know that CVS has serious
issues. Subversion is the first truly open-source alternative. If I
have to use Apache on the server end, that doesn't worry me.