Forum OpenACS CMS: Response to CMS system and further development of the Arsdigita sollution ..

I agree with Dan. The CMS is far from ideal, but for some strange reason (!) it works for simple publishing schemes. Surely things could have been done better .. and it took me quite a while to get "friendly" with the code and so forth, but that's just the way it is.

One thing is for sure; the OpenACS effort _has_ to have a CMS and I guess doing a straight port is the first step on the road to a better one. During the porting stage I guess we really should be looking into other cms products and try to set up a feature sheet .. and try to work out the way we want to implement the "final" OpenACS cms platform.

.. but I think we would have a valuable exercise porting the original cms to OpenACS.

I guess we need something like a project tracker when we get an engeneering team up and running. ;)

A decent effort for a CMS is emerging here in Norway these days; Ez. It is based on Apache, php and very modularized. Perhaps a scheme/model to look into for input.

I for one would also be interested in porting several of the other modules readily available for the acs system .. I have to set up some OpenACS systems before I can get active.. and just have to get these two project up to speed before doing so.

All of you have a real nice day at least!!

Jørgen Skogstad