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12: Response to Schedule (response to 1)
Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
On the "today" thing, the point is mostly that we won't have easy access to the status page as it was on 29th July, once you update it a few more times.  So it will be hard to check on Aug 10th which packages were listed in what status as at July 29th, by looking at the status page... you'd have to dig around in new-file-storage, looking back through prior versions of it, or something, looking for the one from July 29th -- do you see what I mean?

Pointing to "the state of the status page as of today" seems to me to be a somewhat unstable reference.  Even "as of 29th July 2001" is imperfect, because the status page will be ever changing...

Also the date at the top of the schedule (which I did see!) could change, say if you revise the schedule slightly in a week or so based on feedback from porters, and then the 'today' reference would accidentally point to the wrong version of the status page if it were left in the revised schedule.

If instead you link from the schedule to a specific version of the status page, then it is (a) clear and (b) easy for people to follow the reference and find out exactly which modules will (or should) be in which release.

Sorry if I'm being overly picky here... at least it is feedback 😊