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13: Response to Schedule (response to 1)
Posted by Don Baccus on
Well, being picky's fine.  I was intentionally vague and didn't list the exact packages I hope to include because I've not discussed the dates with implementors yet.  So far no one's flung sticks and stones at me for being too optimistic, but there is that little matter of the  letter-bomb that arrived yesterday ... (just kidding, of course).

I'm extremely busy with client work this week, but will be trying to contact folks to double-check with them that this date's fine.  I've already heard from Roberto, for instance, that he exects to have the CMS package (currently marked "DATAMODELS", I think - certainly not "PORTED") ported by the end of next week at the latest, squeezing in under my hand-waving August 15th goal by a few days.  I need to get similar "yay" or "nay" statements from others soon.

I meant my posting of the revised schedule to be a basis for discussion of its practicality and didn't want to firmly put anyone on the spot, in other words.

As I get a better handle on what is and is not practical, I'll be able to be more precise as to what to expect.