Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Making OpenACS stronger

Posted by Ben Adida on
You're doing customer work with OpenACS? That's great to hear.
We'd love to hear more about what issues these clients are
having. OpenForce hasn't seen any of these issues to date. It
seems that, if you're worried about real "bottlenecks," having a
centralized organization would be one way to create bottlenecks,
not remove them.

In general, with respect to risk, clients we talk to seem to prefer
true competition between separate companies instead of a
single entity or a cartel of organizations that collude no matter
what. They appreciate the choice of provider.

In fact, W. Philip Moore, Director of Technology for Morgan
Stanley, stated last week at the O'Reilly Convention that true
open-source is a way to significantly reduce risk. Taking
contributions from the community *and* giving contributions

So, if you can give us a few more details about this feedback,
we'd be happy to discuss. Right now, we haven't seen anything
even close to what you're describing, so it's hard to take action
without more information.