Forum OpenACS Development: OpenACS 4.x integration with SOAP, WDSL and UDDI


I know SOAP, WDSL and UDDI are still more of a buzzword but they may
become useful in the coming months.  Since OpenACS is based on Tcl are
there plans to make it talk to web services (if they become wide spread)?

Arsdigita has taken the Java path so it maybe easier for them to use
existing Java code for this protocols, how will OpenACS talk to this
web services?


We already have XML-RPC working inside AOLserver. XML-RPC, SOAP and any other "web services" stuff really runs in the server layer. The XML-RPC or SOAP service just provides hooks. The applications decide how to use these services.

After OpenACS 4 is released there will be efforts to extend the functionaly with these type of features. There is also nsjava that allows Java to be used in AOLserver so that could also be used. The important thing is that when someone really needs this feature it will be built. Right now it is more of a "let's see what we can do" kind of project. The "web services" area is just getting started.

I am sure after OpenACS 4 rolls out, developers will find ways to enable communication and collaboration between OpenACS 4 and any other web services/toolkits such as ACS 4.6, Zope, etc.

You may want to check out IBM developerWorks ( website and search for TCL.
They have a few tutorials and articles on using TCL with SOAP, WDSL and UDDI for webservices. Some of the examples use TCL's web server to display .tcl pages. I am sure that these can be adapted for use with AOLServer.

I have read the tcl tutorial. Here is the exact URL. I hope this helps. Using WSDL in Tcl