Forum OpenACS Development: Is the status page changing?

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Am I crazy, or is the status page changing from time to time, but leaving its 'Date last changed' line at 22 July?

Answering my own question, looking at all versions of it, it *has* changed since then, more than once. That's a relief 😊

It would be good to update the 'Date last changed' line when editing it. Something that is very easy to forget, I realize! It might be useful to have the /4 page display the actual last checkin date for it, so people can see whether it has changed without actually viewing the page itself?

select to_char ( creation_date, '[fs_date_picture]' )
from fs_versions_latest
where file_id = 77;

or something like that, might do it? Maybe the Museatech folks can do something like this for the various docs pointed to from /4 when they update the site?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Oops, sorry, I've been leaning on the fact that the file storage module lists the date of the last rev.

I'm sure Talli would be willing to put the last-modified date line on the /4 page.