Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ACS 4.6 Release

Posted by Michael A. Cleverly on
"#1 I programmed 4 times more of ACS than the rest of you combined when I worked there. Farkas you suck. We fired you for using windows. I guess the GPL doesn't mean anything to you."
Funny, I don't ever remember seeing Thid Wick listed in the release notes for any version of the ACS. Since ArsDigita historically has had a Cathedral-style approach to open source, I don't doubt you did program more of the ACS than any non-aD employee(s) here.
"#2 I don't see how it's possible to learn programming from a bunch of losers who don't have a single compelling product. Open acs4 only works on oracle. (Oh that's right, it is just acs4.2) and acs 3.2.4 is just weak."
If you coded 4x more of the ACS than anyone else while at AD then I take it that means you were involved in the (you say) weak ACS 3.x (and predecessors) and part of the never-quite-finished-or-tested 4.0-4.2 series?
"#3 I challenge any of you to name one thing you've contributed that is in ACS."
Here's one thing.

Anyway, now that I've answered your, uh, questions (or points), I'm curious if you'll respond to a couple of mine:

  1. From your viewpoint, is the shedding of a Moose's antlers a metaphor for the move from Tcl to Java?
  2. Do you identify with Moose generally or just certain ones? (Alternate link for dog lovers.)
  3. Are you a fan of any of Dr. Seuss's other works?