Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to SDM vs new-ticket: which is appropriate when?

Posted by Don Baccus on
There's a small mini-project underway discussing SDM enhancements for OpenACS 4, after we get a port finished.  Vinod Kurup, who has become  one of our more proflific porters, will work on finishing integration  into the OpenACS 4 framework (the partial work by aD was very incomplete).  I haven't put this on the status sheet yet because folks  just jumped up to volunteer to help on the SDM a few days ago, and Vinod's wrapping up another piece of work so won't be able to start on  the SDM for about a week.

One task will be to evaluate the functionality of aD 4.x ticket tracker - which is well  integrated into the framework using acs-messaging, acs-workflow, etc - compared with new-ticket.  If functionality's lacking we may choose to enhance it rather than port over new-ticket (since integrating new-ticket with the 4.x framework is a fair amount of work).

I'm going to risk appearing to beat a dead horse, here, but your efforts would be a lot more useful if they were integrated into the project framework.  If you want to enhance the 3.x SDM you should work  with Roberto, if you're interested in our more ambitious plans for the 4.x SDM you should work with me.

This site will be running the 4.x SDM ASAP so if you are interested in  making improvements that folks will see here at, enhancements to the 3.x version may be a waste of time.