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A professor here has set a special set of permissions for the file-storage of one of his courses. This is how we have found what we think is a discrepancy in the permissions needed to delete an object from the File Storage:

If you want to delete an item by the "Delete version" or "Delete file" in the file properties page, you need the delete permission. If you try to delete it using the bulk actions, you need (only?) the write permission.

Is this due to any reason in special or just an inconsistency of permissions?


Posted by Luis de la Fuente on

Here are more details about Derick's question,

When you use the button for bulk actions, the script is:

and the code which determines if the user has proper permissions is the following sql (oracle's is similar):
        select fs.object_id as fs_object_id, fs.type,, fs.parent_id,
        acs_permission__permission_p(fs.object_id, :user_id, 'write') as delete_p
        from fs_objects fs
        where fs.object_id in ('$object_id_list')

On the other hand, if you go through the file properties page and delete a file, the requested script is

and the corresponding checking code is
        ad_require_permission $file_id delete

Additionally, the following comment appears in the move.tcl and delete.tcl file

# DaveB: I think it should be DELETE instead of WRITEs:

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
This sounds like a clear bug to me...
Posted by Derick Leony on
Checking the now deleted file-move.tcl and the original (outdated?) design documentation of the package, it seems the use of the "write" permission to move/delete comes from a previous unix-like permission approach.

Snippet from file-move.tcl:

# check they have write permission on the file (is this really the
# right permission?)
ad_require_permission $file_id write

I can provide the patch or commit it to HEAD to fix the delete and move scripts.

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Derick,

I've also noticed this bug and posted in the bugtracker. Check it out to see if it's the same error:

I've also supplied a patch for this in the same bug report.

Posted by Derick Leony on
Hi Eduardo,

I hadn't realized this was already submitted in the bugtracker, sorry about that.

I submitted my patch in the bug report as well, it's basically the same but checking for the "delete" privilege instead of "admin", in case there's any explicit permission. I also changed this for the "move" process.

Posted by Eduardo Santos on
Hi Derick,

That's ok. It's good to see more people contributing. I'll try to merge your patch with mine here.