Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Has anyone improved the Static Pages package?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Such threads really belong over here if you're interested in running the Tcl version, because no one over there will be working on it ...

Since the content repository has been enhanced to allow storage in the filesystem rather than in the database (as an option), we've been planning to extend this slightly further so the static pages package can use the CR to do its mapping rather than its own table structure.

Since the CR knows about a variety of file formats extending static pages to reflect that shouldn't be all that difficult.  We don't have filters at the moment to rip content out of PDF files for sitewide searching (do we?  I don't think so.  I wish we did) but commenting on them should fall out of this scheme at no cost.

Site wide searching and the kind of knowledge-management categorizations that folks have talked about in other threads would also fall out of this scheme "for free".

As far as deleting comments on static pages that are deleted, the only
place such comments appear is in association with the page.  So once the page is gone there's no place to put the comments and of course the reader of the comments wouldn't be able to read the document being
commented on.

So I can see why it was implemented that way.

But with the CR approach we could do it differently easily enough, probably as an option, if there were strong feelings that it's useful.
Keep the CR object around in a deleted state and give some UI hook for
admins, at least, to get to general comments made on deleted pages.

Something like that.