Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Has anyone improved the Static Pages package?

On the deleting comments thing, I feel strongly that simply re-scanning the file-system for static pages should never delete content. Imagine this scenario:

I re-organize my whole web site. Perhaps I'm even thorough enough to set up some sort of auto-magic redirection from the old locations to the new ones - perhaps not. Either way, I go and tell Static Pages to re-scan my file-system and learn about all the new locations. But, oops, there go all my page comments, out the window! Do I have a current backup handy?

Instead, when a file "disappears" from the file-system, Static Pages should simply stamp its record of the file as "broken as of DATE". That way, the system admin can come back later and either point the comments to a new instantiation of the page, perhaps archive the comments elsewhere, or choose to junk all the comments. But user-contributed content should never just be transparently disposed of without human intervention.