Forum OpenACS Development: help with address-book

Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I will not be able to work on address-book for another 2 weeks, anyone
interested in taking over?

the work is almost done up to the point were the dependencies on the
"places" package have to be replaced for acs-reference stuff.


Posted by Don Baccus on
Is this all committed?  Maybe Jon Griffin can pick it up.  I *might* have time to but I've been looking into "news", which no one's picked up as of yet.

Any other volunteers?

Posted by Jon Griffin on
I will look at it, but no guarantees. I am not sure that address book is worth porting the way it is.
Posted by Rafael Calvo on
Thanks Jon,
Would you re do everything? it would be good to have something for this release even if it is not great.
I will check it in cvs later today (Oz time).