Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Re: Re: Re: upgrade (was: having problems. Refrain from using it until Sept 25th)

Andrew, plain and simple, I'm all in for taking the links back as I think they are very useful. But due to our new rules, this has to be TIPed as it is a functionality change on a core package. So, it is not me not understanding it's value (and it's legal consequences in many countries, due to the fact that every registered member can see aggregated user behaviour on one page along with the name and e-mail of said user), but the fact that:

a) We decided to keep on released code.
b) That particular piece of code has been taken out some time ago from the toolkit.

What I am going to do is write up a TIP and it would be great if you could help refining it and later on implementing it.

Malte, plain and simple, that sounds like a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense to me. It takes a TIP to add back the feature to that you just removed during the upgrade, but it didn't take a TIP to remove it in the first place? That's just plain silly.

Running off the stock toolkit is indeed attractive for various reasons, so I recommend simply adding the feature back, but with a setting to turn it on/off. Turn the feature on for, leave it defaulted to off in the stock toolkit. Then at your leisure, write a TIP to change the default setting from off to on.