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69: (response to 68)
Posted by xx xx on
If you find more time, I have suggestions for the forums:

  • I tried to post my last post (plain text) and this post (HTML) after a "preview" and got this strange bug:
    "The attribute 'value' is not allowed for option tags".
  • If I "preview" the current post as "preformatted text" I will notice that I made a mistake (because it contains HTML tags). However if I hit "edit again" to correct my mistake and post as HTML it turns out that all < have been replace by "& lt ;" and I should use the user unfriendly back button in the browser.
  • I like the white background. The blue banding is harder to read, IMO
  • Please put the "Posted by" line on top of the post. I always find myself scanning for who did the posting before reading the post itself
  • We have an "In response to" now. Therefor the repetitive title is annoying and unneccary. Could we make Subject optional in replies (or make "space" the standard title).
  • Date should definitely be in there. Anything is better than nothing. Can we use abbreviated month names?
  • The login cookie expires while writing this post. That sure is annoying. Is this to enhance accuracy of the members online feature?
  • If it is unclear what members online means, we'ld better leave it out. Are we counting guests? At least the people that made themselves "invisible", should be counted, IMO.
71: (response to 69)
Posted by xx xx on
I see, guests can neither read nor post to forums.

Does that mean that search engines cannot index postings either?

Is there a plan to rollback enhancements on into the toolkit?

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Forums had a change of permission names which apparently were not handled in an upgrade script. It is fixed now.
73: Forum enhancements (response to 69)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Aldert would you mind posting your ideas as bugs / feature suggestions to the bug-tracker. I'd add to that list the ability to jump to the message instead of the whole thread when recieving notifications.