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2: Response to Create File (response to 1)
Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
  DROP FUNCTION wp_presentation__get_background_revision(integer);
is the obvious answer, but you presumably know that already :-)

If you are 100% sure that there is no such function already defined, I'd suggest that you check identifier length issues. That name is over 31 chars, so it would tend to conflict with anything named


for any value of WHATEVER. For example, do you have a function



But usually, that sort of thing tends to generate warnings about long identifiers first, not just ERRORs. Did you see anything like

  NOTICE:  identifier "wp_presentation__get_background_WHATEVER"  will be 
    truncated to "wp_presentation__get_background" 

before the ERROR: message?

If that *is* the problem, then maybe using shorter identifiers, perhaps of the form


would solve this?