Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What happened to NotFoundResponse (et al)?

Posted by Bob OConnor on

Hi Barry,

I got an answer from Patrick in response to my thread
"Translation of quote characters stops"

AND it may help you. I was having trouble getting book type left and right quotes to show up in my HTML pages so I now have .html files processed the same way as .adp pages using this code in /tcl/ad-html.tcl and in proc_doc ad_serve_html_page by replacing this one line:

    set stream [open $full_filename r]
    set whole_page [read $stream]
    set stream [open $full_filename r]
    set whole_page [ns_adp_parse -file $full_filename]

Hope this helps...and remember to restart...

I'm still not sure how much extra processing goes on using adp pages over html...