Forum OpenACS Q&A: acs-templating hangs

Posted by Jun Yamog on

I have been already successful in putting my content and templates to
content-repository (CR) using some crude .tcl files.  I finally wanted
to view my stuff.  Now I make a www/index.tcl to pull the contents
from CR.  It hangs.  The webserver does NOT hang but it seems that nothing
is being generated.  So browser gets a timeout.

www/index.tcl - code that pulls contents from CR

templates/index.adp - published template from CR.  I can hand edit it
anyway.  Publish from CR or not its meaningless.

I first investigated to see if pulling the contents from CR is
unsuccessful.  Using doc_return on the index.tcl it gives me the
content from CR.  So now I am sure that there is no problem with the CR.

I know use an ordinary www/test.tcl and write templates/test.adp.
Still hangs.  But www/test.tcl and www/test.adp works.

I use ad_return_template.  Why the heck there ad_template_return?

Anyway I have use this style of templating in ACS 3.4.10 for ecommerce
module.  I must be doing something wrong.  I am really exhausted after
learning how CR works, acs_objects, etc.  Its complex... but nice.
Can someone help me finish the final step of my understanding of
CMS/templating/CR .. whatever.

How can I make

templates/<file>.adp and www/<file>.tcl merge without hanging.



Posted by Luke Pond on
index.tcl and index.adp should be in the same directory.