Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 07 Dec 2004

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Present: Joel, Malte, Don, Caroline, Jade, Andrew, DaveB

Discussed previous issues:

Problems with upgraded site: Forums. Bad performance, problem with preview, bad appearance.

Cmeeks offerred a new forums package; we decided not to use it yet because we want to minimize the work to get fully functional. Instead, DaveB and Don will work on current forums and commit changes to oacs-5-1. Then, Caroline and Jeff can merge their enhancements. When new forums is released via normal procedures, we will upgrade to it. It's unclear whether the jeff/caroline forums work should go on HEAD or oacs-5-1 (for .lrn 2.1 release)

Don will add pagination to bugtracker for

Joel will set up automated backups on

DaveB is still working on CR TCL API, so 5.1.4 release will wait for that and for Don's listbuilder changes.

We discussed the outstanding TIPs.

Joel will set up a development site for on angora.