Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Trouble with comments and links on dynamic pages

Cathy - Use this page's URL as an example:

You would set on_what_id to the value passed in by msg_id (0002We). Set on_which_table to the table containing the msg_ids.

Also, make sure you add an entry for this table in table_acs_properties. One of the columns is user_url_stub, and this is used when generating the links for items with comments on community-member.tcl.

If you don't have any IDs to pass it, then you may be better off making the page an ADP. To get OpenACS to include "Add a Comment | Add a Link" on the bottom of ADP pages, you basically use the add_comments_to_static_pages module, but you need to configure it to stuff adp pages, and you *may* need to create a new procedure by copying ad_serve_html_page (in ad-html.tcl) and modifying a few lines:

	#set stream [open $full_filename r]
	#set whole_page [read $stream]
	#close $stream

	set whole_page [ns_adp_parse -file $full_filename]
* Note: This is what I did last year so that I could add comments to ADP pages, but newer versions of OpenACS may have something like this built in.