Forum OpenACS Development: INSERT ERROR

Posted by Sid Widge on
I have been trying for a while but nothing seems to work, would anyone know what this means? ERROR: Attempt to insert rule "_RETcr_wp_presentations_audienc" failed: already exists for this piece of code
create function inline_0 ()
returns integer as'
	PERFORM content_type__create_type (
    		''1WimpyPoint 1Presentation 1Audience'',
    		''WimpyPoint Presentation Audience'',
2: Response to INSERT ERROR (response to 1)
Posted by Don Baccus on
It sounds like you've already run this statement once before.  If you're debugging this stuff and your sql scripts run partway through, you're going to have to run your drop script to get rid of the package elements (and yes, I know that the aD drop scripts are often incomplete in this regard).  If dropping isn't working right you need to either bomb your db and start over or fix the drop script.
3: Response to INSERT ERROR (response to 1)
Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I think you still haven't cleaned your DB. The steps are the following (the ones I use at least):

shutdown your aolserver
dropdb widge4
createdb widge4
createlang plpgsql widge4

move the packages directories that are unported to /web/widge4/tmp
restart the server.
fill up all the data required (administrator infor...)

when you get to the page that sais that you have installed OPACS4
succesfully shutdown the server

copy the clean DB to a new DB

createdb -T widge4 widge4-clean

move the unported package back again to the package directory, try loading now.