Forum OpenACS Development: Moving Some of Photo-Album's Functionality to a General CR Extension Packages

Hi everyone,

I've been reviewing the photo-album to see if I could reuse code for a different CMS based package.  In the process, I realized that it would be nice to have some of the package's functionality generalized for an extension of the CR API.

I'm curious what envision for the future of photo album like packages or CMS packages that handle photos.

Also, what are people working on now?

Has anyone redesigned the pa_photo like data structure?

I'm planning on doing my work incrementally.  So this wouldn't be complete for awhile.


Dave Bauer's more-or-less heading up CR API stuff at the moment, so I suggest you hit him up in IRC. What extensions are you talking about, explicitly?
Yes. I IMed with DaveB about it a little. He mentioned that Jeff Davis and Collaboraid might have some input on this. So I posted here.

To be specific, it seems silly that the photo-album has pa_expand_archive, while file-storage has its own set of archive handling commands. These should be (if they haven't already) consolidated into the CR API or standard set of extensions of it.

That's one example. pa_walk is another general piece that could be migrated to someplace in the toolkit (util_ might be better than CR).

Essentially what I'm saying is that I want several parts of the photo-album, but not the interface. I'm willing to start the process of generalizing it.

While I'm at it, I figured it would be good to see if others had thoughts about it and whether there are parts that should be redesigned before the process begins.

Yes, generalizing this stuff and moving into the CR API where appropriate sounds like a very good thing to do. Just be sure to continue coordinating with Daveb ... he'll know when any proposal of yours should be TIP'd ...