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Posted by Hans Gaasenbeek on
Well, after all my first plan wasn't as stupid as I thought 😉) I now know why the data-model would not load: I uncommented the wrong lines regarding rpm or other in 'postgres.sql' before running load-data-model. (Well, it was late...)
So now it works. But... there are still two issues:

1. The rpm installation makes it possible to automatically load postgresql and aolserver at startup easily (chkconfig aolserver on, chkconfig postgresql on). How can I do the same for my second instance? Should I follow the same strategy as is recorded in the docs for the 'normal' installation (something like as:1234 respawn etc.)or does the 'chkconfig' command provide another possibility?

Simply doing

# chkconfig add nsd -t /etc/aolserver/acs1.tcl -u nsadmin -g nsadmin

gives this result:
-t: unknown option

2. I have only one IP for this machine, so I should be using 'nssock' or 'nsunix' if I don't want to have urls with port numbers, which, reportedly, are features of Aolserver for port-redirection (I have not found a howto so far, or even a download).

For expample, a box which has two domains, and The first instance runs at, the second at Someone types in his browser, and the request for could actually come in at port 80 of but will be forwarded (by a third instance of AOLServer)to port 8000. Has anyone experience with this?