Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Call for testers ... OpenACS 4

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
I am currently working on a this regression testing tool for web applications, which I use for testing an openacs 3 based ecommerce app. I would love to see it used for automated testing of OpenACS 4 and hereby offer to do my best to make it suitable for that purpose.

tclwebtest is sort of a clone of HttpUnit - the java web app testing tool that was used in a few places of ACS 4.2 - just with way less features but hopefully with an easier syntax to write tests in (well, it's tcl after all). The HttpUnit tests that can be found in the openacs-4 cvs have been already ported to tclwebtest and work fine.

Don, your post reminded me that I promised to produce some examples for simple openacs tests, sorry for forgetting about that. I have added some examples in the tclwebtest cvs now - you can look at their output here: oacs4examples. Those include also the ported ones from HttpUnit.

Is there a need for a regression testing tool at all? Or does the nature of this project demand a different approach to testing (no idea, since I have no QA experience). Second - are there people here that would be willing to help me in working on the open issues of tclwebtest? There are a lot of bugs/unfinished features and some design decisions to be made - most notably a flexible way of structuring many single tests into a suite is still missing.

It would be great if some people involved with testing here could take a look at it and decide if they think it could be used for OpenACS.

BTW, I do have already a test script working that does an automated install of openacs 4, including a drop and create of the db, restart of aolserver, data-model installation etc. It could easily be extended to grab the latest cvs version, install it and run some tests on that. Currently it is very specific to my local setup and I would need some help to make it more generally usable.